Best 7 Short Courses in Canada Without IELTS

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In this post, we will discuss some online short courses in Canada that can be taken at academic institutions without having to travel to Canada.

The emergence of online learning has allowed this to happen, which is why we are able to list the best short courses in Canada without IELTS.

But first, we should determine how many of these professional short-term courses in Canada we know about before we begin the process of applying for the Opportunities.

So let’s begin.

What is a short course?

A short course is primarily an advanced degree that is less exhaustive than a complete degree program and allows applicants to learn or expand their existing understanding of a specific profession.

Short courses are available in Canada in the form of a diploma and certificate programs that focus on a specific specialization and aim to prepare students for the labor market.

The main distinction is that a certificate program lasts one year, whereas a diploma program may take two to three years to complete.

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How Much is a Short Course in Canada?

Sure, some are free, but many others span from $5,000 to more than $15,000. These student fees are determined by the core courses, the course’s earning potential, and the Training Modules to be offered.

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We recommend that you begin with free online courses in Canada, but if you are determined to take a short-term course in Canada, then start with the list below.

Short courses In Canada for International Students

Canada is now one of the best opportunities for students looking to study overseas and advance their careers.

If you wouldn’t really want to travel to other countries before you learn, you could still be a Canadian student without even stepping your feet in their land.

Hence, let’s take a closer look at some of the best short courses in Canada without taking IELTS in 2022.

1. Human Resources Management Certificate

This is one of Canada’s best short-term courses for international students. The York University School of Continuing Studies offers this seven-month course in Toronto Canada.

It is essential knowledge that could land you a job anywhere in the world as you will learn about human resources in depth.

Besides, It also covers topics such as recruitment, labor relations, and health and safety at an annual cost of €11,925.

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2. Communication

The MacEwan University of Continuing Studies offers professional communication courses in Edmonton, Canada.

It is one of the best short courses in Canada and will teach you the fundamentals of interpersonal communication and interrelationships. This course also covers topics such as strategy analysis, solution evaluation, and life cycle management, among others.

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3. Business Administration

For international students, one of the most popular short courses in Canada is Business Administration. It is an eight-month program offered by York University’s School of Continuing Studies.

This course will assist you in becoming a business leader in today’s world by learning everything you need to know about how businesses work at about €9,540 per year.

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4. Global Logistics Management

This is a one-year program also available in MacEwan University’s School of Continuing Studies.

It is one of the best logistics-related professional courses in Canada. By enrolling, you will learn the fundamentals of logistical procedures for only €11,263 per year of study.

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5. Software Construction

If you do not have enough funds to study this course abroad, you can still obtain appropriate insight and license by learning it online at Edx, one of Canada’s leaders in online education.

The University of British Columbia offers this course. This university has over 12 million users all over the world who trust it.

The course is completely free and only lasts 42 days.

6. French Language

The French Language is one of the most affordable short courses in Canada for international students. This is a one-year course offered by MacEwan University’s School of Continuing Studies in Edmonton, Canada.

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If you need to learn French in order to get a job, this is the best option for you.

Athabasca University offers you the chance to study French online with native speakers and learn the language quickly.

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7. Software Engineering

This is yet another excellent program offered by EdX. This 42-day education course is provided free of charge by the University of British Columbia.

Edx’s Software Engineering course at British Columbia University is a free 42-day Software Course for you.

This specific training will assist you to explore the very fundamentals of software engineering.

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Are Short Courses Worth it?

Self-development, leadership, workplace communication, and conflict resolution courses may demonstrate to potential employers that you are ready for a more important role in the workplace.

Hence, yes short courses may not be as valued as Normal degree courses, but they do make way for you when you decide to work.

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