Lavergne High School: Things you Need to Know

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Lavergne High School: While remaining one of the few high schools you can find in Tennessee, this is definitely a high-ranking school.

And it is more than just a school, it is diverse, sport inclined and most of its funds are raised by the government.

Today, we’ll try to learn some things about this school.

Brief Info About Lavergne High School

La Vergne High School is a public high school located in La Vergne, Tennessee, with approximately 1,723 students. It was founded in 1988 and is a part of the Rutherford County School System.

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La Vergne High School opened in 1988 in response to the population explosion in North Rutherford County. 

Smyrna High School had been the only high school serving this area for approximately 40 years, and its overcrowding was the catalyst leading to the building of two new high schools.

Therefore, named The new Smyrna High School next to Lee Victory Pkwy, and La Vergne High School on Wolverine Trail.

La Vergne High school serves the community that shares its name.

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Why You Should Attend LHS

Though the school may not have the best resources, through no fault of their own since their funding is scarce, it still provides its students with tremendous opportunities.

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The greatest one being Dual Enrollment through Motlow State Community College. Students pay a fraction of what it would cost to attain the same credits after high school and can earn up to an Associate Degree.

Up until junior year, classes are not challenging; however, if a student chooses not to do Dual Enrollment, the rigour does not increase. One of the best things about LHS, besides DE, is its diversity.

LHS is full of people from different cultures and even allows students time to educate each other on their heritage through school-wide presentations. 

Besides, if you love sports, you will definitely love being a student of Lavergne high school. This is because the school focuses 40% of its funds on developing the sports and field areas of its extra-curriculum.

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What are The Acceptable Rankings for Lavergne High School

La Vergne High School is a public school located in LAVERGNE, TN. It has 1,910 students in grades 9-12 with a student-teacher ratio of 17 to 1.

According to state test scores, however, 15% of its students are at least proficient in math and 35% in reading.

At the 12th position of the most diverse public schools in Tennessee and 7th for Rutherford county, LHS is known for its diversity in the educational system.

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What SAT/ACT do you need to get into Lavergne High School?

A minimum SAT of 970 is good enough to get you admission into Lavergne High School.

But if your SAT test score doesn’t get to the required minimum, you can as well try to make an average of 22 in your ACT test to still qualify.

It may, however, interest you to know that besides getting into this being quite stress-free, you stand on a 93% chance of graduating.

So you definitely have a win-win opportunity if you admire being part of this school.

The total minority enrollment is 73% as Lavergne High School is 1 of 10 high schools in Rutherford County.

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Conclusion: Lavergne High School is one of the best schools to choose from among the few in Tennessee


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