15 Best Trade Schools In Chicago, IL, USA 2023

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Trade Schools In Chicago il

Obtaining expertise at a vocational or trade school can help you achieve your career goals while also providing you with very satisfying employment. Therefore, you can choose from the top 15 trade schools in Chicago il below to get a solid start.

These colleges are available to assist ambitious people like you in advancing into new occupations that provide exciting professional prospects.

What is a Trade School?

A trade school, also known as a vocational school, is a post-secondary facility that teaches individuals the expertise they’ll need to work in a given field.

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Health, information technology, skilled trades, and wellness are just a few of the fields for which trade schools in Chicago provide specialized job training.

Is it Possible to Enroll in Chicago il Trade Schools while Working?

Yes, you have the option of choosing a timetable that works for you.

Is it Possible to Earn a Good Career with a Trade School Diploma?

With a trade school diploma, you can pursue a wide range of professional options.

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Why Choose Trade Schools In Chicago il?

Each trade school program usually has a curriculum that has been established and updated to keep up with industry demands.

This is accomplished by maintaining close ties with employers, professional organizations, and manufacturers.

The comprehensive programs, on the other hand, are meant to cater to a wide range of ability levels and equip each student to excel in their chosen sector.

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Furthermore, a wide range of student services is offered, including free individual tutoring and graduate employment support, which may assist students with everything from resume writing to interviewing skills.

What Are The Requirements to Get Into Top Trade Schools In Chicago il?

Although some people will prefer to attend authorized institutions, others examine online choices, and a few settle for community trade schools.

Obtaining a trade school qualification, depending on your sector of interest, is a wiser, more cost-effective method to swiftly develop new skills and get access to a meaningful profession.

The following is a step-by-step instruction and a list of fundamental needs for getting started.

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1. Age Requirements

To enroll in a Chicago il trade school, you must be at least 18 years old, or 17 years old with parental or guardian approval.

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The price of certification is determined by the type of program you choose to pursue; while some courses are inexpensive, the majority are not.

The average cost of a trade school degree is $33,000. There may, however, be additional expenses for textbooks and course materials.

2. Proof of English Language Proficiency

If you want to attend one of Chicago’s top trade schools, you’ll need some basic communication skills. Most trade schools in the country, however, require you to demonstrate English language skills.

3. High school Diploma

A high school diploma or general educational development (GED) certificate, as well as a 2.0 GPA, are often required for admission to Chicago’s top trade or vocational schools.

They could ask for a national test like the Career Programs Assessment Test, which assesses fundamental reading, writing, and math skills.

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How Long do Chicago Trade Schools Last?

A trade school, unlike a four-year institution, does not award a bachelor’s degree. Normally, you’ll obtain a diploma or trade certificate following completion of the training, indicating that you completed it effectively.

Although curriculum lengths differ depending on the school, they commonly range from eight months to two years.

Best Trade Schools In Chicago

Below is the list of best trade schools in chicago il combined with the tuition fee, and GPA.

Trade School NameTuition FeeGPA
Oakton Community College$10,446 – 12,4622.0
HVAC Technical Institute$15k – 20k2.0
West Chicago Professional Center$4,000 – $4,5002.0
Midwestern Career Center$15,9222.0
MacCormac College$12,7003.0
Bell Mar Beauty College$10,0501.78
Dental Assistant Academy of Chicago$3,3502.5
Elgin Community College$7,140 – $9,5162.0
Coyne College$16,641
Universal Technical Institute$31,4002.5
SOLEX College$17,200 – $33,9953.0
Empire Beauty Schools$16,200
Lincoln College of Technology – Melrose Park$38,143
Illinois Institute of Technology$50,4903.0
College of Court Reporting$9,950

Our selection criteria for these programs are based on the benefits provided and the potential for advancement. We also took into account the quality of education, average graduation wages, accreditation, and several other significant aspects.

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After completing a certification program or an associate’s degree, these colleges provide hands-on training and abilities that can be immediately applied to the job.

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1. Oakton Community College

According to niche.com, Oakton Community College is the third-best trade school in Chicago. It is a well-regarded public university in Des Plaines, Illinois.

Popular degrees such as Liberal Arts and Humanities, Nursing Assistant, and Nursing are available for only $6,338.

Furthermore, to be admitted to Oakton, you must have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.00 and a term GPA of at least 2.00 for each time of attendance. Oakton graduates also get an average starting salary of $28,500.

2. HVAC Technical Institute

HVAC Tech is accredited by the Council on Occupational Education, the National Center for Construction Education and Research, the Illinois Board of Higher Education, and HVAC Excellence. It was founded in 1994.

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The institution plays an important part in a student’s development since it provides opportunities for personal and professional growth.

To be admitted to this academy, you must show that you have the motivation and physical ability to achieve this demanding course.

3. West Chicago Professional Center

The West Chicago Professional Center is a Chicago-based vocational school that prepares students to work in the recent technological area.

HVAC Technician, Electrician Technician, and Combined Program are all available at the school. This college’s cost, however, largely depends on the program.

The HVAC Technician program is $4541, the Electrician Technician program is $4367, and the Combined Program costs $8578.

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4. Midwestern Career Center

This school offers a high-quality education that leads to exciting employment options. Medical Assistant, Surgical Technologist, and Medical Technician programs are available.

Despite its $15,922 tuition, MCC provides an average of $3,337 as financial help to qualifying students each year.

5. MacCormac College

This school offers paralegal, criminal justice, and law enforcement administration, as well as business studies.

These programs will provide you with the opportunity to earn real-world technical skills that are in demand by companies across a wide range of industries.

After completing your program, you will be able to pursue any opportunity in a variety of exciting industries around the world.

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Qualified students can also get help from MacCormac College in the form of financial aid, student housing, or temporary work.

6. Bell Mar Beauty College

In 1985, Bell Mar Beauty College was established and is a less than 2 years private (for-profit) institution in Cicero, Illinois. It is a cosmetology school that does not offer a degree.

You will receive hands-on instruction from teachers with real-world industry expertise at Mar Beauty, which will prepare you for the state licensure exam, after which you will be able to work in the area of cosmetology.

7. Dental Assistant Academy of Chicago

This school offers 11-week programs that provide students with hands-on experience in a live clinic setting to help them succeed in the dental sector.

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Additionally, students at this school have access to over 20 documents, study resources, practice tests, and essays, as well as fast homework support.

You must meet the minimum requirements and pass a manual dexterity test as well as a written test to be admitted to Dental Assistant Academy.

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8. Elgin Community College

Elgin Community College is one of Chicago’s best training institutions. Certificate programs in Liberal Arts and Humanities, Automotive Mechanics, and Natural Sciences are available at the school.

Besides that, there are a total of 3,215 students enrolled, with a 100% acceptance rate. For modest tuition of $3,190, its graduates can earn a beginning income of up to $29,600.

9. Coyne College

Without Coyne College, our list of top trade schools in Chicago would be incomplete. To ensure acquiring education is as convenient as possible, the institution provides both day and evening curricula.

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Coyne College aims to guide students in improving their solution abilities, which are essential for becoming useful, productive employees.

CC also provides a variety of engineering as well as health-related disciplines all with great tutoring skills.

10. Universal Technical Institute

Universal Technical Institute is a vocational school in Chicago that can help you achieve your goal by providing training opportunities.

This school offers automotive, mechanical, and collision repair skill trade classes.

And upon graduation from this institution, you will be prepared to start your profession in any industry with the training you have received.

11. SOLEX College

SOLEX is a profit institution with 66 undergraduate students enrolled. For only $18,199, this school offers a fairly diverse learning plan that includes part-time, full-time, and evening students.

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Moreover, SOLEX provides financial aid to students to help them pay for their college expenditures and other living expenses.

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12. Empire Beauty Schools

A package is provided by the school, which includes head mannequins, a complete set of tools, and professional-grade beauty products.

Every student also gets an electronic Career Success Tablet with tutorials, reference materials, engaging applications, images, videos, a built-in camera, and access to prominent social media networks such as Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.

Plus, the institution’s classrooms are filled with a collection of electronic whiteboards and other visually appealing learning aids, making them ideal for direct application.

13. Lincoln College of Technology – Melrose Park

Automotive Repairs, Medical Assistance, and Consumer electronic Devices Inspection and Maintenance are just a few of the disciplines offered at the institution.

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Secondly, you can seek extra help from a school representative at Lincoln Tech to help you develop a solid career. All of this fun and great stuff is yours for only $27,401 intuition.

14. Illinois Institute of Technology

The Illinois Institute of Technology is a private school that offers a wide range of science-related programs.

And for its originality and high-quality service to students, it is regarded as one of the best trade schools in Chicago.

Students are trained on modern cars utilizing industry-standard technologies thanks to the school’s partnerships with prominent manufacturers.

The Illinois Institute of Technology, most times, provides a variety of financial assistance and grants to help students afford college.

15. College of Court Reporting

Court Reporting is an online for-profit institution that focuses on career-oriented vocational education. Legal Administrative Assistant and Legal Studies are two of the school’s main courses.

These programs are meant to provide you the opportunity to experience what it’s like to work in your field of study while also allowing you to make relationships with people who can assist you throughout your career.

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