10 Best Equestrian Boarding Schools in the World 2023

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Equestrian Boarding Schools

Best Equestrian Boarding Schools; Humans began developing sporting activities that needed horse riding as a result of their growing affection for horses over time. This is what equestrianism is all about.

So, when we discuss various features of equestrianism, we’ll keep in mind that it’s still evolving.

In this article, we’ll take a careful look at the world’s best equestrian boarding schools in the world today ranking them accordingly.

What is an Equestrian School?

Well, if you were to call it an equestrian school that would be very limiting. However, you can call them horse riding schools that offer an equestrian program for all interested students.

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So, an equestrian school is a school that offers a program that helps interested individuals who want to learn horseback riding. These programs vary depending on the school involved.

A lot of horse riding schools started equestrian programs due to the rising interest of individuals in horse riding activities. So, today, equestrian schools have come to stay.

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Who needs to attend an Equestrian School?

As a sports program, a lot of people love horseriding. More so, when you conduct proper research, you find out that professional horseriders have trained for so many years.

Immediately, you sense your kid or a young person – who hasn’t attended college – shows an interest in horseriding, and you need to enroll them immediately.

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At this school, they have the opportunity to learn horseriding as well as academic programs. A lot of these schools give special guidance to their students.

Conclusively, there are great records that show that students who attend these equestrian boarding schools gain admission into college immediately after they complete their program.

What is the cost of attending an Equestrian School?

Going to an equestrian college costs some money but it isn’t so costly. And these are lessons you can take all through your life no matter where you go.

The cost of this school varies depending on the state and the horse riding schools. Some of the best equestrian schools in the world don’t come at cheap prices.

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According to thumbtack, each private half-hour lesson (beyond the company’s introductory one-hour lesson) costs $45. At Summer Wind Stables in Chesterland, Ohio, private lessons have tiered pricing based on lesson length. A 60-minute lesson costs $65, a 45-minute private lesson costs $55, and a 30-minute private lesson costs $40.

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Are Opportunities for Graduates of Equine Studies?

For a lot of people, equine studies is not a serious program. This consideration stems from the fact that horses are not the major means of transportation anymore.

However, that has not reduced the interest that humans have developed in horses. A lot of people go as far as giving names to their horses and even having conversations with them.

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So, a lot of these people, take adequate care of their horses and are willing to pay for it when they can’t do it themselves.

As a graduate of equine studies, you can help these individuals take care of their horses in addition to teaching them how to ride. Furthermore, you can train them for professional tournaments as well.

10 Best Equestrian Boarding Schools in the World

To effectively rank the best equestrian boarding schools in the world, we listed them in this order:

10. Forman School

Due to a desire to help students with diagnosed learning differences, Samuel Orton and other board members founded Forman. Another important member of the board was Albert Einstein.

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Today, there are over 230 students with learning differences in this institution. Furthermore, they have about 68 faculty and staff who train their students.

Forman School has an incredible record that states that 100% of their graduate students gain admission into college. Indeed, it’s clear that there is a transformation process that occurs in the lives of these students.

Today, they’re one of the best equestrian boarding schools in the world with application rates going higher each year.

9. Culver Academies

Founded in 1894, Culver Academies guarantees you access to the best personal education in the country. Hence, they remain committed to creating a unique learning environment reflective of its plans.

As a boarding school, 94% of the students live on campus. The remaining percentage account for students who cannot reside on campus. They have 57% of male students and 43% of female students.

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This school has an equestrian center that has over 94 stable horses. In this center, they can take beginning, intermediate, and advanced equitation in horse training.

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8. Colorado Rocky Mountain School

The CRMS Horsemanship Program is the school’s ranching history aimed at moving students into the realm of authentic connection, dedicated care, and meaningful stewardship.

The Horsemanship program harvests relationships through knowledge, nurturing, and skill. They believe that horses respond to human emotions when the right emotional cues are in place.

The program offers both western and English equitation in addition to specialized disciplines, such as jumping, working equitation, and gymkhana eventing/barrel racing.

7. Canterbury School

School Sport Canterbury is an educational organization with its objectives being achieved through school sports programs. They are promoted by the School Sport Canterbury.

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As an active sports school, they continue to scale in different sports dimensions increasing capacity as well. This is why they pick up sports trophies and awards on the go.

As one of the top equestrian boarding schools in the world, students engage actively in this activity. They still plan to expand their framework in the coming years.

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6. Brewster Academy

Brewster is a boarding school with a huge difference. They are an intellectually diverse and academically challenging community that broods curiosity, confidence, collaboration, and character in preparation for lives of meaning and accomplishment.

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They believe in the shared responsibility of success as they understand their potential. This helps them emerge with a strong sense of commitment as they continually seek to transform in an academically challenging environment.

5. The BrookHill School

Although they are a Christian school, Brook Hill remains one of the best equestrian schools in the world. Every faculty at Brook Hill grants students an opportunity to excel academically as well as study at the college level.

This school has three pillars which are Education, Potential, and Character. So, they’re much more than just students, they’re a community of young people with a purpose.

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4. Branksome Hall Asia

This is an international school for girls. As much as that, they still do very well in equestrian activities. In this light, they have gone to diverse championships amassing different trophies.

This school remains focused on empowering young ladies with powerful leadership and independence skills. These skills give them the right to make choices that are profitable to them.

A good number of their graduate students are living very healthy and financially stable lives. Additionally, they are changing different odd narratives that individuals have.

3. Bishop’s College School

Bishop’s College has one of the best dedicated and experienced staff among other equestrian boarding schools. Their commitment goes beyond the borders of the classroom.

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To fully concentrate on development, they have a class of only 15 students. This number enables the teachers to connect with the students personally.

Their amazing sports facilities make it very easy for students to practice sporting activities. Students take part in activities such as golf, soccer, tennis, hockey, and football.

With strong student leadership organizations, students can learn how to better lead themselves in different areas of life. They can join these clubs to contribute actively.

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2. Asia Pacific International School

APIS has a core mission statement. They seek to “educate students in a loving and caring Christian environment, to become globally enlightened citizens, who can bridge the gap between the East and the West, and are ready to welcome the exciting challenges of the New Pacific Century”.

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They have remained focused on achieving this objective in different aspects of their program. Their equestrian program is one program that has grown bigger and better. For this cause, they continue to receive increased applications for spaces in their programs.

1. Asheville School

Asheville is top of our list of the best equestrian boarding schools in the world. Of truth, its records are a reflection of its excellence and style.

In their equestrian program, beginners learn basic horsemanship, such as grooming, tacking up, and basic riding techniques in English style. Meanwhile, advanced riders continue honing their skills either on the flat area within the ring or over jumps.

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The equestrian program is an afternoon activity. Students engage in daily riding lessons on class days and can attend off-campus equestrian activities such as horse shows, hunter paces, and trail rides.

Asheville provides horses for students that don’t possess personal horses. So, certain students who wish to bring their horses to school may board them at the Asheville School stables for an additional cost.

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Something that started as a means of transportation has grown into a sport and is now a course. Yes, indeed, people attend school to pursue degrees in equine programs.

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