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17 Best Boarding Schools in Ohio

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In some ways, deciding to attend a boarding school is difficult. However, given the high impact of educational assets, events, and academics available in current boarding schools in Ohio, as well as the massive advantages and insights available, it isn’t a terrible thing.

Aside from renowned institutions, there are a plethora of boarding schools in Ohio that provide a diverse range of lessons and activities.

Some of these boarding schools, provide educational services for students of various ages and academic abilities. In this article, we shall go through 17 of them.

What are Boarding Schools?

In Boarding schools, students live in hostels or dormitories, similar to universities, however, they are mostly for secondary school students.

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The primary purpose of a boarding school is to have a study environment in which students can focus on their academics, mature, and pursue excellence.

In a day school, pupils attend for a set number of hours each day. They go home after finishing their classes. With exception of holidays, students at a boarding school live their whole lives in school.

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What is the Right Age to Attend Boarding Schools?

According to some studies, there is no such thing as a “right” or “wrong” age, but the age range of 8 to 13 years is ideal for beginning boarding school education.

So, if you’re not sure when your child is ready to start boarding school, now you know the age range which is best.

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Why Choose any of the Boarding Schools in Ohio?

Ohio boarding schools have quite a long history of academic distinction, thanks to a lesson plan that includes a wide range of courses taught by professionally experienced and qualified dedicated academic staff in small classes that encourage engagement with students.

Children at boarding schools are frequently more behaved than their peers in day schools due to the strong corporate standards they must uphold.

Also, at these boarding schools, students are required to adhere to a strict schedule in which they must wake up, study, eat and sleep.

What are the Best Boarding Schools in Ohio?

Rigorous coursework and preparation for managing obligations for independence put boarding school students on the path to financial, historic success.

As a result, take a look at this list of 17 boarding schools in Ohio that we’ve diligently assembled to help you make an informed decision.

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1. Olney Friends School

Olney Friends School, located in Barnesville, Ohio, is a dynamic, private co-educational boarding school for 40-60 students in grades 9 through 12.

With an approximate class size of seven students and a student-to-faculty ratio of less than three to one.

For under $35,500, it honors intellectual vitality, raises ethical challenges, and cultivates community living skills.

2. Wilbraham & Monson Academy

Wilbraham & Monson Academy is a Wilbraham, Massachusetts-based college preparatory institution. It is a four-year boarding and day high school for students in grades 9 through 12 and postgraduate students founded in 1804.

It so aspires to provide private education to talented, well-rounded children who might otherwise be unable to afford it.

They have a great deal of admiration for the considerable personal and financial sacrifices that families make to guarantee that their children receive an excellent education.

3. Cranbrook Schools

This school provides a one-of-a-kind college training session. Then you will encounter a fantastic learning atmosphere that respects and stimulates students while encouraging creative, analytical, and entrepreneurial reasoning.

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It also has an art school that allows students to see and explore a wide range of artistic work daily. With a population of about 813 students, it charges only $46,000 for its boarding programs.

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4. Delphian School

The Delphian School, located at the foot of the ocean, provides a welcoming and peaceful environment for students from across the globe.

Delphian has two primary characteristics that make it stand out. The first is the usage of Learning Technologies, which aids students in their learning and allows them to progress more quickly.

The programs offered and teaching techniques are the second factors to consider. Their study technique truly aids students in comprehending what they truly require.

5. Gilmour Academy 

Gilmour Academy is a private institution located in Gates Mills, Ohio, a rural community in Cuyahoga County.

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In Cuyahoga County, there are 129 private schools, which includes Gilmour Academy, a Roman Catholic school.

The school year is 180 calendar days long, and pupils spend 7 hours every day in the classroom.

As of 2019, 90% of its high school graduates were enrolled in four-year universities.

6. Andrews Osborne Academy

The education system here is based on college and career readiness, with admission to a university required as an endpoint priority.

The Andrews Osborne Academy is also noted for its remarkable art education program, which features new cooperation with the Cleveland Orchestra.

A comprehensive sports program is also available at the school. He maintains a competitive equestrian program that participates in the Interscholastic Equestrian Association, and he recently announced a relationship with the Spire Institute Home Sports Academy.

7. Maumee Valley Country Day School

Maumee Valley is the only co-educational academic institution in northwestern Ohio and southeast Michigan that serves students in grades 12.

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The Maumee Valley, on the other hand, recruits determined kids with a wide range of academic experiences and beliefs whose families place a high priority on academics.

Students are inspired and equipped for lifelong learning through a demanding curriculum, a student-centered school culture, and a loving community.

It is regarded as one of Ohio’s Best Boarding High Schools, with a 61 percent admission rate and a tuition of $42,450.

8. Ohio Virtual Academy

The Ohio Virtual Academy is a cutting-edge online school run by dedicated instructors who are dedicated to providing students with a classroom experience that is suited to their specific requirements.

This is a top choice for your child, with 8,595 pupils, yearly tuition of $51,788, and a 53 percent admission rate.

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9. Grand River Academy

The Grand River Academy, founded in 1831, is an in-house Ohio boarding school for boys that provides each young person with a transformative experience that allows them to grow.

Our students come from all over the world to contribute to the GRA community and build a global perspective.

Additionally, with the help of structured courses and support, teachers and students collaborate to develop strategies that help students learn more effectively.

10. Woodberry Forest School

The school was established in 1889 and will be celebrating its 135th anniversary in 2023. It is a boarding school for boys only, with a rigorous academic program.

Woodberry Forest features a strong athletics program, as well as outstanding international physics and business study programs in Europe and Central America.

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This residential school for boys in Ohio has students from 15 different nations, with 40% of them receiving financial aid.

11. Woodlands Academy

Woodlands Academy charges high school students $24,500 per year and in-house students $ 45,400. Extra charges apply to the tutorials and the ESL programs.

The school is noted for having a 76% acceptance rate and for offering a career-oriented curriculum.

All Woodlands Wildcats can participate in a variety of sports, including swimming, hockey, tennis, basketball, and soccer.

The Academy provides spiritual growth, leadership opportunities, and student government events in addition to academics and athletics.

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12. Westover School

This boarding school in Ohio features a daytime and boarding curriculum with a student-to-teacher ratio of eight to one.

The Fuller Athletic Center and the Louis Buckley Dillingham Performing Arts Center are both parts of the Westover Athletic Program.

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There is also a girls-only online course that provides advanced training. However, with tuition of $ 35,000, approximately half of its students get financial aid and loans.

13. Wediko Children’s Services

Wediko Children’s Services is a non-profit organization that offers therapeutic and educational services to children and their families who are dealing with major emotional and behavioral issues.

This is a school where academics take precedence over athletics. It was constructed in 1934 to provide care for youngsters who had specific mental or physical requirements.

As a result, the school program concentrates on assisting these students in becoming self-sufficient individuals and contributing members of society. A library and a computer lab are also available on campus.

14. Wolf Creek Academy

It is nestled in western North Carolina’s gorgeous mountains and offers an approved academic curriculum, including university education.

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As a result, WCA therapy is aimed at teenagers who have behavioral issues, strained family ties, or other emotional issues.

The Wolf Creek Academy is a secure haven for kids who have lost sight of a brighter future. Football, volleyball, basketball, softball, and hiking are all daily activities at Wolf Creek Academy.

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15. Columbus Girls Academy

The Columbus Girls Academy has been teaching disturbed girls how to live a more friendly and effective life.

Teens from all over the country, including Columbus, Ohio, attend Columbus Girls Academy.

Counseling takes place in both individual and group settings at this residential school for girls. Each kid has a personal counselor who also serves as the family’s point of contact.

16. Boise Girls Academy

Boise Girls Academy is a residential school for girls between the ages of 13 and 17 who have engaged in dangerous behavior. Having access to all of Teen Challenge’s resources, training, and 50-year track record of accomplishment.

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In summary, Boise Girls Academy is a Christian boarding school that specializes in assisting troubled teenage girls who are spinning out of control.

This Christian boarding school in Ohio also provides a safe and encouraging environment in which teens change their ideas and actions.

17. Mount Vernon Academy 

This school was the oldest residential school in the Seventh-day Adventist Church, having been founded in 1893. It was also a part of the Adventist educational system, which is the world’s second-largest Christian school system.

The Seventh-day Adventist Church owns and operates this Christian residential school for pupils. And over 7,000 people have visited this Mount Vernon, Ohio campus over the years.

Its teachers are highly educated, with many holding master’s degrees. The MVA provides a strong academic curriculum in high schools for required and elective fields, as well as a dual credit program for Diploma of Honor preparation.

How much does it cost to get into any of the Boarding Schools in Ohio?

The average cost of boarding school is $38,850 per year. Of course, some colleges charge as little as $10,000 and others as much as $60,000.

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Room and board are usually included in boarding school rates, but some are not. Make sure your food and housing are covered at the schools you’re considering.

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