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Australian institute of marketing

Since 1933, the Australian Marketing Institute has been assisting participants in furthering their careers and promoting the marketing profession.

It accomplishes this via accrediting tertiary courses, training programs, and events. Also, through its award-winning programs, it recognizes marketing achievement.

Why Become Part of the Australian Marketing Institute (AMI) Community?

It gives value to its members by having Australia’s largest network of marketers, hence, providing the following for its members:

1. Recognition on a Professional Level

The Certified Practising Marketer CPM accreditation will elevate your professional status.

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2. Opportunities for Networking

There are events for marketers at all stages of their careers, CMO round tables, conferences, coaching possibilities, special interest groups, online forums, and more to get engaged in the AMI community.

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3. Insights and thought leadership are available to you

The AMI Marketing Voice blog, the members-only AMI Content Library, and Member Connect, a FREE Learning & Engagement Hub created to assist AMI Members to stay connected, engaged, and inspired, keep you up to date on essential marketing trends and insights.

4. Professional Indemnity Insurance is provided free of charge

The Australian Marketing Institute provides complimentary Professional Indemnity Insurance from Austbrokers Countrywide to marketers who operate a consultancy firm (Countrywide).

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What is the SME Marketing Hub?

SME Marketing Hub is a free online marketing resource for professionals created by AMI. Specifically for those operating in small and medium-sized firms who desire to develop their abilities.

Also included are the suggestions and techniques needed to improve the success of marketing campaigns.

What Are the Benefits of Ami?

The Australian Marketing Institute, Australia’s foremost professional marketing organization, provides a forum for you to enhance your ideas, grow your abilities, ignite your advancement, and realize your maximum capabilities.

Becoming a member of the Australian Marketing Institute has a lot of benefits that come with it. Since we can not begin to mention all of them, here are a few of the most important benefits of AMI:

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1. Certified Practising Marketer (CPM)

A professional Marketer’s trust mark is the CPM title. It is acquired through ethical behavior, breadth of experience, and information that is current.

In the Asia-Pacific region, the Certified Practising Marketer (CPM) accreditation is the sole professional benchmark of its kind for marketers.

The CPM designation recognizes both college qualifications and the practical implementation of marketing knowledge and abilities in the real world.

2. Professional Development for Marketers

Are you interested in learning more about marketing or improving your marketing expertise in specific sectors?

AMI Training provides a wide choice of short and long-term training programs that can be taken online or in person.

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This means that at every level of your marketing career, you have the most appropriate and up-to-date information at your fingertips.

3. Develop your career and enhance your expertise

AMI’s primary goal is to promote its members’ career development and to advance the marketing industry in Australia.

The AMI collaborates with its partners to gain relationships, creativity, accountability, and admiration for the sector through training programs, seminars, advertising strategies, and excellence award honors.

4. Real savings from partnering network

This same institute also offers a variety of favorable terms and special offers to associates that help their professions and marketing needs while offering direct savings and worth, such as media auditing, professional liability insurance, and availability to top industry occasions, meetings, and workshops hosted by partner organizations.

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The AMI Rising Marketers Training Platform enables ambitious growing marketers to interact with experienced marketing executives, gain significant industry information, and cultivate skills to offer them a strategic advantage in their professions.

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